Welcome to the Cynful Confessions of a Reformed Party Connoisseur

Hello, allow me to introduce myself.  

Cymande Hagans Owner of Cynful Bliss

My name is Cymande Hagans and welcome to The Cynful Confessions of a Reformed Party Connoisseur.  Here I will strive to be honest about juggling being a mother, wife, employee and business owner.  Some days I feel as if I hung the moon and others feel as if walking is hard. I’d like to invite you into our little slice of Cyn and encourage you to share your journey as well.  

Hagans Family

My family is my world but anyone can tell you that raising kids is HARD. My three boys are 14, 13 and 8 and they keep me on my toes. Sometimes they come out to events to help me but usually, they are out living their best lives.  So now and again you will see them pop up here. My husband is supportive and hard working. He loves pushing me to try new recipes and being the chocoholic that he is he is always willing to taste a new recipe.

mom mom

Now my best sous chef is my mother, Poochie. She is the original connoisseur.  She used to make lemonade punch that punched back. So there you have our rag-tag family. You will get to meet our extended family too in time.

So Spring in our family is all about getting ready for Poochie’s birthday and preparing for the annual Hagan’s Egg-stravaganza Hunt for Easter. Before I leave let me tell you about a great way to get more fruit into your diet.  Soak it in alcohol!

My favorite thing to do is to grab a pineapple or two. Peel it, slice it and put it into a large container with a lid. Then take a bottle of vodka. I like to use whatever I have around. Sometimes its Absolut, Grey Goose or even Amsterdam (Don’t judge me. Vodkas need love too.) and pour it over the pineapples until they are completely covered or until vodka is gone.  Put the lid on and let sit for 30 days. The longer it sits the smoother it gets. Then grab a glass with ice and go for what you know. Enjoy!

I can't wait to post more of our favorite recipes, party tips and just invite you into my world. Stay tuned!