3 Pack of Cyn (8 oz Jars)
3 Pack of Cyn (8 oz Jars)
3 Pack of Cyn (8 oz Jars)

3 Pack of Cyn (8 oz Jars)

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3 Pack of your choice of 7 Deadly Cyns and Specialty Flavors in  8 oz jars. Choose from:

Greed:  Peach Brandy & cinnamon soaked peaches baked into a delicious cobbler topped with Honey bourbon.

Pride:  Lemon vodka cake between layers of limoncello lemon curd, and finished off with limoncello buttercream icing.

Envy:  creamy pineapple rum cheesecake layered with a fresh citrus curd infused with pineapple vodka, lemon, and Limoncello. This velvety cheesecake is also Gluten-Free.

Gluttony:  Moist Guinness Stout chocolate cake with Jameson’s chocolate ganache and finished off with Bailey’s buttercream icing.

Wrath:  a smooth bourbon spice cake layered with moonshine soaked apples and topped with  RumChata buttercream icing.

Thick and creamy banana pudding infused with banana rum cream, whiskey-soaked bananas, and mini Nilla wafers.

Lust:  Godiva White Chocolate infused cheesecake with layers Sangria mixed berries with blueberries and cherries.  

Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake:  Cheesecake infused with Salted Caramel Crown Royal, Salted Caramel Bailey, and Apple Pie Moonshine Apples.

Sweet Potato Cheesecake:   This sweet potato cheesecake, infused with RumChata & bourbon, is the perfect addition to your holiday table.