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Nothing wrong with a little obsession

Cynful Press News
Cynful Bliss CEO standing with interviewers about the brand

You Outta Know (2021)

"The desserts from Cynful Bliss are a little naughty and a little nice." The owner of the alcohol infused sweets shared with 'You Outta Know' how she came up with the delicious dessert.

Madame Blissfully and the Cynful Bliss Gourmet Custom Dessert Temptation (2024)

In her YouTube video, Madame Blissfully dives into the decadent world of Cynful Bliss desserts. Get ready for a spoonful (or two) of delicious temptation as she reviews our next blissful temptation.

Food Blogger reviews Cynful Bliss newest desserts
Cynful Bliss CEO showing Behind the scenes in kitchen.

A Sneak Peek into Sweet Cyn: Behind the Scenes with Cynful Bliss's Cymande Hagans

Join us as we go behind the scenes with the mastermind behind it all, CEO Cymande Hagans! In this clip, Cymande welcomes us into her  kitchen, the birthplace of countless Cynful Bliss innovations.

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